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Your Design-Forward Collaborator

Architectural vision with technical mastery

In this high-stakes global landscape, we understand the fine line you walk between aspiration and the economic realities of building at scale. At SôRS, we’re here to offer you a strategic advantage: the high-value products that fulfill your inherent artistic vision, at the affordable prices your project requires.

Meeting you where you need us most…

Method 01 — Schematic Phase

Bring us into your design process as part of your internal team to receive the most value. When you reach out to us during your schematic design phase, we can support you with a variety of architectural solutions and specs that will elevate your drawings and leave no stone unturned in your project specifications. By collaborating with you to develop accurate drawings at the start, we can avoid the costly value-engineering and redesign that often occurs after project documents are completed.

Method 02 — Construction Phase

Send us your full set of plans and specifications and we will provide you with a comprehensive package of our highest-quality substitutions. Available in myriad color options and unique specifications, our solutions will meet your design intent and deliver a beautiful product.

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