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Maximizing Control & Elevating Value

From design intent to exceptional finish

With decades of combined experience working at every point along the development, design, and construction continuum, we understand what matters for your projects and end users – quality, function, beauty, and long-lasting results that come in at or under budget.

Leverage the cost-saving benefits of working with SôRS – impeccable quality control, dependable availability of our materials and expertise, and the priceless satisfaction of knowing that our deep knowledge of the entire value chain is at your complete disposal.

01  Product Variety

We globally source a wide range of colors, finishes, sizes, and applications for all of our products, in order to meet your project’s design vision.

02  Proven Quality

All of our products are established, vetted, and thoroughly tested for reliability, quality, and successful execution on multiple residential projects across the United States and Europe.

03  Technical & Design Expertise

Consider our in-house engineers and architects as your dedicated technical collaborators, who bring with them the invaluable detailing and installing experience from multiple projects.

04  Complete End-to-End Control

By working directly with our trusted suppliers, we provide close local oversight of the entire product life cycle, ensuring absolute quality from our sources all the way to your project site.

05  Reliable Availability & Delivery

Because we procure raw materials early and safely store them in our own warehouse facilities, our delivery process mitigates market risks and prevents distribution slowdowns.

06  Supply & Installation

We can reliably deliver our products across multiple US markets, and in some cases within the Los Angeles metropolitan area, providing both supply and install services.

07  Direct Warranty Across Categories

Our dependable suppliers and extensive installation experience with each of our products means we can confidently stand behind everything we bring to your project.

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